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5 Ways to Repurpose Content for Maximum Reach and Impact

There's a common misconception that recycling or repurposing your marketing content is a bad thing. There’s a fear that your audience would notice and your brand might look bad. But let’s be real for a minute.. your audience likely doesn’t catch every piece of content you share. And cleverly reorganizing existing messaging means it can have a second (or third or fourth) run at persuasion. That unlocks real value. It optimizes the reach and extends your asset’s life. 

Image of Lightbulbs all repurposed in different colors and shapes

Let's debunk the myth that repurposing is a misstep. And explore 5 ways you can repurpose your content for maximum reach and impact.

Transform Blogs into Visuals

Turn your insightful blog posts into engaging visuals such as infographics or shareable images. 

By converting complex ideas into visually appealing formats, you not only make your information more accessible, you also leverage the potential for increased sharing and engagement. 

We did this for one of our messaging and positioning framework (MPF) blogs by creating an infographic that easily explains how your brand can benefit from an MPF.

Create Bite-Sized Social Snippets

Extract key points from longer-form content and use them to craft bite-sized social media snippets. 

These snippets are designed to be quick, attention-grabbing, and shareable. Leverage platforms like Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), Instagram, and LinkedIn to amplify your message and connect with your audience in a concise format. 

Check out this bite-sized social snippet we created for our on-demand webinar, Adding Video to Your Marketing Strategy:

Example of Wheels Up Social Snippet Promoting the Video Marketing Webinar

Here are some Instagram carousel graphics we made.

Example of Wheels Up Instagram Social Snippet Promoting the Video Marketing Webinar

Another example of Wheels Up Instagram Social Snippet Promoting the Video Marketing Webinar

Republish Across Platforms

Brands should also adapt successful content for multiple platforms, ensuring maximum visibility. 

Not everyone follows your company on every platform. So be sure to put new content everywhere people follow you. For example, repurpose TikTok videos into Instagram Reels and Youtube Shorts. Repost your blogs as articles on LinkedIn or even Medium

For inspiration, check out our Medium page where we recycle past blog posts from WUC.

A TIP: To ensure the integrity of your website's SEO, implement canonical tags when sharing content on different channels like Medium and LinkedIn.

Reuse Your Newsletter

Extend the life of your valuable content by repurposing it in your newsletter. 

Incorporate blog posts, infographics, ebooks, and other content as blurbs in your regular send. Additionally, consider uploading your newsletter to LinkedIn for extra visibility there, too. This not only keeps your newsletters dynamic but also ensures that you're delivering varied and valuable information across channels. 

Take a look at our newsletter on LinkedIn. We repurpose content all the time from the subscriber newsletter we send via our CRM.  

Bundle or Breakdown Ebooks

Bundle related content pieces into comprehensive guides or ebooks for a deeper dive into specific topics. 

Conversely, break down extensive guides or ebooks into a series of blog posts or articles. 

This flexible approach caters to different audience preferences, providing both in-depth resources and easily digestible insights.

Curious how to do it? We broke down our 5 Tactics for Building PR Buzz Ebook into a series of 5 blog posts. They are:

By incorporating these strategies, you can amplify your message and cater to diverse audience preferences, ensuring your content resonates across a variety of channels.

Remember that our team of content experts are here to assist you in repurposing your existing content. Let’s unlock the full potential of your material and elevate your content game. Give us a shout!

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