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Reduce, Reuse… Repost

How to get the most from your marketing activities by prioritizing content repackaging, distribution, and syndication


I think for a very long time the only way marketers could prove their worth was by doing things. Without quantifiable metrics, it became a quantity game. Lucky for us, there are amazing tools available today to measure the reach and impact of just about any marketing activity. But I think as marketers, we’re still wired on doing, well, all the things. Note that I didn’t say: all the things, well.

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One of the drums we’re constantly beating here at Wheels Up to make sure that every content strategy has a strong repackaging, distribution, and syndication component. Instead of writing five case studies, let’s write one. Then create an infographic, :15 and :60 second videos, a blog post, 4 social posts, then partner with the customer and write a press release and pitch it to local media.

Tweak the social copy and share the link multiple times - get the free version of Hootsuite and schedule the posts out in advance so you can do it once then check it off your list. No one reads every one of your social links every time you post; share that content a few times to get the most eyeballs on it. Include the story in your newsletter, then see how you can integrate it into existing campaigns. Talk to your sellers and see how you can package it so it’s useful for them - think slideware, evidence talking points, or an addition to your objection handling assets.

Finally, think about your external channels for syndication. I bet the client who is featured in your case study would love to share their success, too. Make it easy for them by pre-writing social posts or a blog post - then specifically ask them to share it when their networks. So many news outlets are hungry for content and will publish well written stories. Develop relationships with your most relevant industry writers and associations and share your content with them. Particularly if you get into a consistent cycle of content generation, you may be able to score a recurring segment in their publication.

Thinking about your own channels and ecosystem, develop your own “Definition of Done” content checklist. What are the formats and channels to consider for each asset to guarantee that you’re really getting as much value out of that marketing investment as possible? Or just download ours and tweak it to fit your team’s content strategy.

The best part of all this is that it’s so much easier to repackage and reuse your work than it is to keep creating new content. This omnichannel approach is not only going to optimize your budget by ensuring that the most eyeballs see your content, but it also will help build long term brand impression frequency.

Lastly, make sure you have a way to track every component’s efficacy so you can iterate the next time around. If no one is watching your :60 second video past the :30 second mark, then don’t create a video that long again. Good luck, and let us know if we can help you build your packaging, distribution, and syndication content strategy. In the meantime, we’ll start holding Zoom therapy sessions for marketers who are still driving themselves crazy with quantity over strategic quality :)


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