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marketing assessment.

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We're standing by to help. Whether you're an early stage startup just dipping your toe into marketing, or an established enterprise looking for an outside perspective, we'd love to talk shop with you. Fill out the form and we'll reach out to schedule a complementary meeting.


1. What stage is your company?

2. Is your product or service in market yet? *

3. Do you have any customers? *

4. What's your database look like? *

5. What software are you using to manage your sales and marketing activities? (CRM, website platform, email, reporting, scheduling, PM, etc.) *

6. What marketing activities are you currently running? *

7. Do you have a defined sales target list? *

8. What do your marketing resources look like (headcount & budget)? *

9. What are your business goals for this year? *

10. What keeps you up at night? *

Thanks for reaching out! We'll be in touch to get time on the calendar to chat.​​ 

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