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PR for Startups, Is It Feasible?

Recently, I’ve been thinking a lot about how to have a fulfilling career and personal life. This is probably because I just got married, moved into a new home, and welcomed a baby girl into the world.

At Wheels Up, we get to work with super cool startups and their talented employees. And it got me thinking, what does it really mean to work at a startup? Is it really as busy, demanding, and exhausting as people claim? If so, how do people manage that workload and how can we - as an agency - make it easier?

There are indeed challenges common in startup life. According to RingCentral, startups usually have lower budgets than more established companies. They may not be able to afford the best or most up-to-date resources. RingCentral also points out that in the early stages of company development, full-time staff may be expected to work longer hours than they might at an established business, thus reducing the ability to maintain a work-life balance.

We see these challenges play out in our client work on a daily basis. And one of the biggest ways we see it affect our clients is with their public relations strategy - or rather, the lack thereof. Public relations is an important business strategy that oftentimes gets pushed to the back burner for startups because it can be expensive and time consuming.

The reality is that early-stage companies should be thinking about PR for several reasons - including getting good distribution channels and attracting new eyes to content (eyes of customers and potential investors). Plus, startups are creating something brand new, so it is important to build trust and credibility while claiming the title of “the first of their kind”.

The good news? PR actually can be affordable and impactful if it’s done thoughtfully. Over the past few months at Wheels Up, we’ve been putting our heads together to create a resource that will help startups establish a successful PR strategy, even on a budget and tight schedule.

The result is Wheels Up’s latest ebook, 5 Tactics for Building PR Buzz. This ebook explains how to build your PR strategy in 5 simple, actionable steps. It’s full of startup-specific tips, tricks, templates, and examples from our team of seasoned industry pros and is sure to help you better understand the world of startup PR.

We are confident that this ebook will help make PR efforts feel more feasible for busy employees, maybe just like yourself. Personally, I am hopeful that these assets will encourage you to embed PR into your existing marketing strategy, so that you can achieve the work-life balance you deserve while also delivering killer PR results to grow your company.

If you’re interested in learning more, download our latest ebook. And if you'd like some help with your PR strategy, drop us a line. Good luck!

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