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How to Produce Quality Content For Your PR Strategy Using Social Media

We’re huge proponents of content marketing here at Wheels Up Collective and we’re not the only ones – a recent Twitter poll by SEMRush found that 68% of people agree that startups should invest in content right away.

However, building a comprehensive content strategy is a big undertaking for a lean marketing team, and sadly in the absence of a plan, many teams just “start writing stuff” and hope for the best. This “spray and pray” approach leaves a tremendous amount of opportunity on the table, and throws your marketing dollars out the window.

You need to be able to justify the value of content to your CFO. But don’t worry, it should be an easy sell. In addition to the normal sales and marketing benefits of high-quality content, readily available pieces help the press do their job – they get to know your brand and your subject matter experts on your terms and in your voice.

Additionally, great content can be pitched to the news media for syndication and publication. We’ll frequently pitch our original Wheels Up content to the media, and if it doesn’t get published elsewhere, it goes on our own blog. This does require a bit of alignment with the overall content calendar, But there are many opportunities for efficiency in content creation if you plan ahead.

You’ll also need a strong content plan to build a body of thought leadership work - which is coming up in the next section of this blog. When you’re a company no one has ever heard of, offering content that is thoughtful, intelligent, and useful is the most authentic way to build relationships with your prospects, your industry players, and the media. You’re building your brand day by day. It’s hard work that requires strategic thoughtfulness. Time to get writing.

Let’s Talk About Organic Social Media

Organic social media is great for a few reasons: Your audience is already spending time there. You have complete control over the content that is published. And when done well, you can cultivate authentic and personal connections with your followers. It doesn’t hurt that the platforms are free to use either.

While we don’t see social media as a replacement for public relations, it can be complementary. First, it’s an easy way for earned media folks to check up on you. Whether you’re being considered as a trusted source or your company has pitched a story to a journalist and they need to vet you, social media is frequently the first place people go to check up on someone.

Organic social is also a great listening tool that can enable your PR efforts. It’s an easy way to find out how people are talking and feeling about your brand, even if it’s not directed at your brand. You can gather customer feedback, suggestions, and customer sentiment and then use that data to improve future marketing campaigns -- or even improve your product or service.

Social media is also one of the fastest ways to measure sentiment on macro issues and consumer sentiment. Following relevant hashtags can help you keep a finger on the pulse of your market with little additional effort.

Want to learn more about how to create stellar content for your PR strategy? Wheels Up’s 5 Tactics for Building PR Buzz is a great place to start.

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