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LinkedIn Sales Navigator: The Beginner’s Guide

Looking for a more effective and efficient way to find new leads and grow your business? I’ve been learning about a tool called Sales Navigator over at LinkedIn, and figured I'd tell you about it. It might be just the right solution for your business. In this blog post, we will explore what LinkedIn Sales Navigator is, whether your business needs it, and how to get started with this powerful tool.

Image of people using LinkedIn Sales Navigator

What is LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a premium sales tool designed to help businesses find and connect with potential leads on LinkedIn. It provides users with advanced search and filter options, lead recommendations, and account insights to help identify the right prospects so you can engage with them in a more personalized and effective way. It also allows users to save leads and accounts, track behavior, and get real-time updates about LinkedIn activity.

Does your business need LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

If your business relies heavily on LinkedIn for lead generation and sales, using LinkedIn Sales Navigator could prove to be an invaluable investment. It’s designed to help you save time and increase your productivity on LinkedIn by providing you with access to insights and data about your prospects. With it, you should be able to more effectively target the right people, understand key insights about their needs and pain points, and tailor your messaging and approach for a more personalized outreach which improves your chances of closing deals and building stronger customer relationships. However, it’s not a small investment, so it’s important to ensure the benefits of Sales Navigator justify the cost for your business.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator price breakdown

When it comes to techstack investments, pricing is always a major consideration. As you decide whether LinkedIn Sales Navigator is the right move for the way your business operates, take these costs into account. LinkedIn Sales Navigator is available in 3 different plans.

  1. The Core plan: $79.99* / month when billed annually The Core plan offers a variety of features to help drive more leads, including unlimited people browsing, advanced lead and account searches, and custom lead and account lists. In addition, users get access to insights on recent company growth trends, real-time alerts, salary insights, and access to LinkedIn Learning courses to grow their skills. This plan includes 50 InMails per month, the ability to see who's viewed your profile in the last 365 days, and full access to interview preparation tools.

  2. The Advanced plan: $131.25* / month per license when billed annually The Advanced plan offers advanced search and lead recommendations to help drive more leads along with the ability to contact anyone outside your network. This plan includes 50 InMails per month, unlimited people browsing, custom lead and account lists, and advanced lead and account search. Additionally, users can get real-time updates on their leads and accounts, send Smart Links to track engagement, collaborate with their team, leverage their team's network with TeamLink, and manage their book of business with centralized account management.

  3. The Advanced Plus plan: customized pricing The Advanced Plus plan offers everything the previous two do and more. This plan includes CRM updates with data validation, integrated CRM contacts, and advanced enterprise integrations. Depending on the size of your business, it’s likely you wouldn’t start out with the Advanced Plus package.

To view the full plan and pricing comparisons, visit LinkedIn’s Pricing and Plans page. These plans can be considered pricey for a leads platform that doesn’t provide email addresses, but each plan does come with a 30-day free trial, so you can give the product a try before you commit. To make the most of that free trial, I recommend familiarizing yourself with the basics of the platform through resources such as YouTube or before you sign up. That way you can get started right away.

Hopefully my research into this new option has been helpful to you! Perhaps I’ve saved you some steps. Want to discover other lead generation tactics? Take a look at our blog post highlighting 5 top lead-generation tactics.


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