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5 Tips for LinkedIn Conversation Ad Optimization

So, you’ve launched your LinkedIn Conversation Ads but they aren’t performing as well as you’d hoped? Don't worry, you're not alone! But fear not, my fellow marketer, I've got just the thing to help you out. If you're looking for ways to improve your LinkedIn Conversation Ad performance, read on for some of the top tips to optimize your ads effectively.

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But first, take advantage of built-in reporting

LinkedIn Conversation Ads offer comprehensive reporting that can help you gain insights into your target audience's behavior and engagement levels. This information is going to be crucial for optimizing your ads and monitoring the efficacy of any changes you make for improved performance. Let’s take a look before we make changes to your ads.

To access reporting information, login to your LinkedIn Campaign Manager dashboard. Locate your conversation ad (or ads) in your list of campaigns, check the box for the ads you’d like a deeper dive on, and click “export” at the top of your screen. In the report, you can review which buttons have the highest click-through rates and conversion rates and the best cost-per-lead. This information can be invaluable when it comes to optimizing your ads.

Once you have your reports, it's time to optimize ads

Based on the insights gained from your reports, look for ways to improve your ads. Here are 5 great places to start:

  1. Have low open rates? If you're seeing low open rates, review your sender's profile image and job title. Ensure that the profile image is high-quality and inviting. Next, check that the sender's job title aligns with your ad content and targeted audience. For instance, an ad referencing a product demo should come from the head of product, not from a marketing manager.

  2. Experiment with different CTAs: Test different calls to action (CTAs) to see which ones resonate with your audience. For instance, you can use "Learn More," "Get Started," "Download Now," or "Register Today." A clear and compelling CTA can improve your click-through and conversion rates.

  3. Seeing low engagement rates? If you’re noticing a low engagement rate, incorporate rich media like an image to your ad. Visuals can help grab the recipient’s attention and communicate your message more effectively. You can also incorporate engaging pieces of content such as infographics. If it fits with your brand’s tone and voice, you may want to consider using emojis too.

  4. Seeing drop-off after the first message? If you're experiencing a high drop-off rate after the first message, take a look at your opening text and see where you can clarify or energize your words. Ensure that your message is clear and provides enough context (and intrigue) to keep users engaged.

  5. Use personalization: LinkedIn Conversation Ads allows you to personalize your messages based on the user's profile data. Use this feature to customize your message and make it more relevant to your target audience. For instance, you can mention their job title, company name, or location to grab their attention.

By following these best practices, you can optimize your LinkedIn Conversation Ads to increase engagement and drive conversions. If you need help developing an effective ad strategy, don't hesitate to reach out - we’ve got a team of marketing and advertising experts ready to help.


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