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Get to Know Wheels Up: Co-Founders Amy Winner and Elise Oras

Wheels Up is a collective of senior marketers, spread all over the US. We all worked together in the mid 2010’s and “got the gang back together” in 2020 because we all love working together and share the same philosophy and passion about growth marketing. (For the whole story, check out this blog post.)

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Titles and staff pages aren’t really our thing, but we’ll highlight the team through the blog so you can get to know the folks you’ll be working with. Up first, co-founders Amy Winner and Elise Oras.

Image of Amy Winner

Amy Winner, Head of Strategy

Amy has spent the last 20 years helping brands turn uncertainty into opportunity. While “Marketing” has always been in her title, she’s rarely stayed in that swim lane. Whether recession, competitive pressures, market changes, company reorgs, and now COVID-19, Amy has worked alongside both B2B and B2C leadership in a variety of industries to build pragmatic and resilient Go-To-Market strategies. After spending a decade in Seattle working at SaaS startups, she returned to the east coast to be closer to family.

Fun facts about Amy: WFH (work from home) is more commonly WFB (work from barn) for Amy. As a lifelong lover of animals, the majority of her stories are centered around one of her two horses, Berger and Marshal, or her Jack Russell Terrier puppy, Libby.

You can find Amy on LinkedIn or Instagram as @amywinner or @libbyforprez

Image of Elise Oras

Elise Oras, Head of Clients

Elise has over 15 years’ experience of integrated B2B and B2C marketing, working with small startups, Fortune 500 companies, and everything in between. With a focus on enterprise SaaS, technology, and hardware devices, she has worked successfully to grow revenue with brands such as Microsoft, Automation Anywhere, CA Technologies, and PayScale.

Fun facts about Elise: Taking advantage of the Work From Anywhere (WFA) trend, Elise downsized to a tiny 20ft travel trailer, and is currently crossing the country with her husband and dog (while safely social distancing). She also enjoys the challenge of only using one pot to make three course meals.

You can find Elise on LinkedIn, Instagram @eliseoras and Twitter @elise oras


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