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5 Tips for Your Next Blog Post

Blogs are one of the most important forms of media used in content marketing strategies today. Whether you’re new to blogging or a marketing pro, these best practices will serve as a guide to help you when you start writing your next blog post.

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Best practices for your next blog post:

1. Start with a general topic, then go deeper

By doing this, you reduce the likelihood you’ll get overwhelmed by the sheer volume of blog topics you can write about. For instance, if you’re writing about marketing, create a list of topic categories like email marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization, etc. Once you’ve developed this organizing framework, you can go back to each subtopic individually and write down blog ideas for each of them.

2. Getting over writer's block

I could write an entire separate blog post about overcoming writer’s block, but for now try this tip. If the ideas aren’t coming to you right away, don’t stress. Step away from the computer and take a quick walk, eat some food, get some coffee - any activity to get your mind off of it for now. This way you come back recharged and inspired to try again.

3. Can’t find the right word? Just keep going

If only I had discovered this sooner, I’d have saved myself all the time I sat idly by waiting for the right word to miraculously pop into my head. Not only was this a waste of time, but it didn’t make the words come to me any quicker. Overthinking minor details like word choice or sentence structure can be a time-killer, which is especially detrimental when you’re on a deadline. Just keep going - the word will come to you. I recommend leaving space for it and making a comment referencing the idea you are trying to say, that way you don’t forget what you were trying to convey. If all else fails, ask a co-worker or a peer for their opinion.

4. Write a captivating blog title

If you read just the blog title, would you want to keep reading? Does it draw you in? That’s how you know you’re getting somewhere. A great title is short, captivating, and informative. When I read a title, I want to know what I’m getting into or else odds are - I’m not clicking that link. A captivating title is under 60 characters, sets the expectations of the blog post, and might hint at the flavor of the tone it’s written in. A brilliant coworker of mine, Bridget Quigg, shared her title building method with me and I’ve stuck with this method ever since. When brainstorming titles, write down anything and everything that comes to mind relating to what you’re writing. You’ll want a list of ten different titles - I know that sounds like a lot (I thought so too at first) - but trust me, it works and gets the creative juices flowing. Choosing your favorite is usually a piece of cake from there.

5. Don’t write a novel

In this day and age, people want convenience. If they can’t read your blog post and glean its useful information in under 10 minutes - they’ll be moving on to another blog post. From experience, people like numbers, lists, bullet points, white space, and other formatting methods that make the content easy to digest. Ultimately, the goal is to create a post that people can browse through and understand at a quick glance.

If writing comes naturally to you, these tips may not be groundbreaking to you, but for someone who doesn’t know where to start - it can be a lifesaver. If you need more tips, we’d love to help steer you in the right direction. Drop us a line.


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