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The Ugly Truth — Why No One Cares About Your Product and How to Change That

Starting a new venture is like welcoming a newborn into the world. Just like any proud parent, you believe your baby is the most beautiful baby in the world. You meticulously built an amazing product with huge potential to revolutionize an industry, maybe even the world. However, you launch your product, and then… nothing. Your new baby is not getting the attention it deserves.

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Let’s face it – not everyone thinks your baby is beautiful. 


As a founder myself, and a brand new mom (to the most beautiful baby that has ever been born, by the way), I do get it. You built a product. You put love and passion into your product, along with blood, sweat, tears, and sacrifice. You know your product inside and out; you understand its features are better than those of its competitors. 


However, being so deeply connected to your product can make it easy to lose sight of an aspect that truly matters: How does your product/service provide value to your customers?


Customers don't prioritize beauty, and oftentimes don’t even notice or appreciate it. What they care about is the impact your 'baby' can make. In a world where we’re all inundated with choices and options, customers and prospects are driven by the desire for solutions and meaningful outcomes. 


To effectively grab and retain attention, you must show how and why your customer should care about your product. The key lies in educating them on the value your offering brings – how it effectively solves their problems, streamlines processes, elevates their overall experiences, and of course – increases their bottom line. It's about shifting the narrative from what the product can do in terms of capabilities to what the product can do in terms of outcomes for your customer. 


Here are three strategies to guarantee your 'baby' stands out:

Define Your Value Proposition Clearly in a Messaging and Positioning Framework

  • Articulate a clear and concise value proposition that communicates how your product or service addresses specific customer needs

  • Develop a messaging and positioning framework that aligns with your target audience's values 

  • Ensure consistency in your communication across various channels, reinforcing the unique benefits and differentiation your 'baby' offers

Elevate Your Message with Case Studies


  • Provide tangible evidence of the impact your product or service has had on customers by sharing real-world examples and case studies

  • Highlight success stories, testimonials, or results to prove the value proposition and build credibility

  • Use visuals, such as infographics or videos, to make the information easily digestible and memorable


Craft Captivating Content Tailored to the Customer Journey


  • Tailor your content to align with different stages of the customer journey, from awareness to consideration, to decision-making

  • Develop educational content that addresses pain points and challenges your audience may face, establishing your 'baby' as a solution

  • Provide detailed information and resources as prospects move through the funnel, nurturing them with relevant content that reinforces the value proposition and guides them toward conversion


At Wheels Up Collective, we're committed to highlighting your baby's beauty. From crafting compelling value propositions to impactful messages and case studies, let’s ensure your 'baby' not only grabs attention but leaves a lasting impact.

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