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The Future of Work: Why Dispersed + Asynchronous Works for Us AND for You

I am curious where you’ll find yourself when you read this email. Are you at home taking the words in over morning coffee? Are you rushing between meetings giving this a quick scan on your phone? Are you in an office with overhead fluorescent lighting reading this as a “fun break” from other scheduled tasks?

I can picture where my colleagues will be when they read this. Cara might be at home in Washington, reading emails late after her daughter’s gone to bed. Diana in New Jersey could be reading this from a coffee shop midafternoon to break up her at-home day. Elise might be in her backyard in North Carolina multitasking while she gives her dog, Frank, his pre-dinner run. Amy will see this email later - she’s probably at the stable in South Carolina riding her pony right now.

Working at a cafe

Any number of those combinations could be true, and every single one is fine with me. You see, at Wheels Up Collective, we’ve made a meaningful commitment to work that’s dispersed by design and schedules that are asynchronous on purpose. We find this approach has a large number of benefits for our teammates, as well as for our clients:

  1. We’ve got coverage in every timezone and for (almost) every schedule. And for some of our clients, this can be a huge help. It’s especially important if we’re assisting with a product rollout, chasing a press-important moment, monitoring live reactions to a website launch, or just collaborating with a high-needs or geographically diverse team. It also helps us support you, our clients, in living your best lives too. Do early-morning meetings work better for your role in your family? Great, we’ll assign the associated timezone folks to that. Are late afternoons more your time to shine? Beautiful, we’ve got team members who are right for that, too. Basically, when you work with WUC, our flexibility becomes your asset, too.

  2. Our clients pay for our work - not our expenses. Depending where you get your statistics, office space seems to cost, on average, $5000 - $15,000 per year per employee. For Wheels Up Collective, an office space could run $150k per year in even the most affordable locales. Factor in utilities, commute support funds, in-office perks, etc. and you can see real quickly we’d have to cover some really big total costs. Those are costs - by the nature of how businesses work - we’d have to pass onto you. Instead, Wheels Up Collective rates can be competitive. And what we do charge, we invest in talent, in technology, and in tools; these are all expenditures that directly impact the work and capabilities we offer to you.

  3. It aligns with our company values. Kindness, balance, authenticity, wise allocation of resources (yours and ours), iterative improvement, and driving for a high bar of success every time are all tenants our company holds dear. We’re all here because we want to do the very best work of our career. And we want to do it with clients who celebrate the same manner (and outcomes) of work we do. Is that you? Then good news, you’re in the right place.

  4. It allows us to do our best work for our clients. I’ll wrap this list up with the biggest benefit of all: our dispersed, asynchronous policies empower the WUC team to be their best selves. I’m guessing Cara gives her most detailed attention to ads when she can see with her own eyes that everyone in her young family is doing okay. I’m willing to bet Amy has the best, most brilliant ideas after (or even while) riding that horse. And I know my neurodivergent mind is most powerful when I haven’t left home or been subjected to the stimulating outside world in several days. And I get bonus powers when there’s one or more dogs asleep at my feet. Plain and simple: having our varied personal needs met more often thanks to our professional arrangements means our clients get our best possible work all the time. And we get to do it with higher rates of satisfaction, ease, and joy.

Wherever you’re reading this from and whatever arrangement you have with the work that you do, we hope it’s one you feel expansive, powerful, and inspired within. It’s our firm belief that incredible things are accomplished when you do.

Want to accomplish some incredible things with us? Or perhaps just nerd out on workplace theory and ways to make the most of a marketing team? Drop us a line. We’re always happy to chat.


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