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PR for Startups: Is It Worth It?

So, you’re a startup working overtime on a shoestring budget. With a list of demanding tasks a mile long and pressure to be the “next big thing” - is investing in PR really worth it? Does PR even matter this early in the game?

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As marketers that have been deep in the trenches of the startup world, we are here to tell you that PR is not only a good idea but a critical piece to building a truly successful business.

But don’t just take our word for it. Here are just three reasons PR is a good idea for your company.

1. It educates the market about a brand new solution

As a startup, you are creating something brand new, so it is important to build trust and credibility while claiming the title, “first of your kind”. Your company has the unique opportunity to be an industry pioneer. And since you are introducing something to solve an age-old problem, it's especially important to educate your audience about your product, service, or idea as a means of building credibility, interest, and support. This can be achieved through effective PR tactics, including providing thought leadership and producing informative content.

​​2. It establishes a positive reputation

PR is all about maintaining positive relationships with anyone who comes into contact with your company or brand. Well-executed PR efforts will influence both internal and external stakeholders to say good things about you, your company, and your product or services. The key to establishing a positive reputation is authenticity. It’s important to be authentic in sharing your company’s story and what makes you unique. High quality content will cultivate connections and loyalty with your target audience which is ultimately critical to your financial success.

3. The media loves startups

Even though startups face budget and time restrictions, they have some advantages when it comes to PR. Most startups are inherently interesting because they are disrupting the status quo with new ideas and ways of thinking. The media loves that. They're big fans of the uniqueness, enthusiasm, and bravery it takes to do something for the first time. A bit of planning and strategy can turn your PR efforts into great stories about your dynamic leaders, exciting vision, and innovative solutions. And that’s a major leg up when it comes to brand building and product recognition.

At Wheels Up Collective, we are well aware of the challenges that startups face. We are here to reassure you that if you are strategic and organized, you don't need a large budget or lots of time for good PR. You just need startup-specific objectives that address the challenges of being a brand new company.

That’s why we created our ebook, Wheels Up’s 5-Step Plan for Building PR Buzz. In this book, you’ll have access to practical startup-specific tips, tricks, templates, and examples from our team of seasoned industry professionals to help you understand the world of startup PR.

If you’re starting with a small budget and a blank slate, we’re here to help. Good luck!


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