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Our Favorite Marketing Campaigns and What We Loved About Them

What is a marketing campaign?

A marketing campaign is a strategy used to promote a product or service through online platforms, television, or print. Creating a successful and unforgettable marketing campaign is key to building brand awareness, increasing prospect and customer engagement, and ultimately growing your business. There are plenty of marketing campaign types that exist such as email marketing campaigns, social media marketing campaigns, brand awareness campaigns, and many more. Although the tactics and goal of each campaign is slightly different, the overarching goal usually boils down to revenue.

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I’ve reached out to our team of experienced marketers to get details about their favorite marketing campaign and what they love about it. Let’s see what they said.

Top Marketing Campaigns:

  1. Subaru

  2. Petco

  3. Patagonia

1. Karla’s top campaign - Subaru’s demographic-based strategy

“My favorite marketing campaign is the one Subaru embarked on 25 years ago. The brilliance lies in their research – they didn’t want to compete against the same demographic all the other vehicle brands were advertising to, so they narrowed down. In their research, they found that lesbians were among their most likely to convert prospects. LGBTQ folks were not yet represented openly in pop culture, so the ads Subaru created had coded nods for their target demographic like the tagline ‘once you’re out, you’re out’ and hiring lesbian athletes as their spokespeople. They also ran their campaigns specifically in geographic areas where the head of household was likely to be single and female. The straight folks didn’t notice, and the lesbians loved it. So much so that 25 years later, Subaru is often referred to as the ‘Lesburu’. All because of good demographic research and smart campaign targeting. And a vehicle that’s not too shabby either.”

2. Brian’s top campaign - Petco’s health and wellness play

“After a somewhat controversial 2020 rebrand to a health and wellness company, Petco surprised me with a kind of weird but super catchy campaign. The ‘it’s what we’d want if we were pets’ campaign launched in March 2021 after the world spent more than a year working from home – surrounded by their pets. Aiming to pull at the heartstrings of those who want the best for their [mostly] furry friends, Petco captured attention by helping people put themselves in their pet’s place. Each commercial brings a different flavor of health and wellness and why we should care about it for our pets. What caught my eye was the fact that we’ve been immersed in a wellness culture for years but bringing our beloved pets into that culture hasn’t been that widespread. Petco recognized the current landscape and strategically timed their first campaign post rebrand to support pet health and wellbeing at a time when people’s pets are by their sides 24/7. I thought it was pretty cool and really well thought out.”

3. Diana’s top campaign - Patagonia’s ‘Don’t buy this jacket’ campaign

“One of my all time favorite marketing campaigns is Patagonia’s ‘Don’t buy this jacket’ campaign. The brand launched a PR campaign and a poster that stated ‘Don’t Buy this Jacket’. This brought a lot of shock; you’d think a company in business to sell clothes wouldn’t want to discourage sales, right? But that’s where we’re wrong. In fact, Patagonia’s recently changed their mission statement which now states they’re in business to save our home planet. The whole point of this campaign was to challenge customers on the part they play in consumerism and how we often buy more than we need. Since Patagonia’s brand is built on sustainability, this marketing campaign made perfect sense for them and really hit the mark while generating buzz.”

There is much to learn from these campaign examples and how they have or will influence the way we market. No matter what business you’re in, a marketing campaign can be put in place to help achieve revenue goals. If you’d like to chat about how we can make this possible for your team - drop us a line.

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