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Media for Marketers - Our Favorite Books and Newsletters

Have you ever read a book that’s stuck with you? Even years after reading, you understand how that book has impacted you, the way you do things, and why. If you have, then you know how great that can feel.

If nothing comes to mind, that’s okay. As they say, the best time to plant a tree was either 20 years ago or today; it’s never too late to start. Perhaps this very list has your next favorite in store.

Image of stacked books and glasses

Whether you're a seasoned marketer or just dipping your toes into the expansive industry waters, this list of some of our team's favorite marketing books and newsletters might make for some rich areas of exploration. With this list, you can gather insight from the most successful marketing campaigns, understand how to be more productive, and stay up to date on the most cutting edge marketing trends.

Here are our top five marketing picks:

  1. The Dark Arts and Curious Science of Creating Magic in Brands, Business, and Life

  2. Your Brain at Work

  3. Daily Carnage

  4. Truth in Comedy

  5. Not A Newsletter


“The book cover is what originally got my attention. The Dark Arts … Curious Science. These words mixed with Brands, Business, and Life had me intrigued. I found it hard to believe this could actually be a business book until I read a bit further to discover that Sutherland, author and Vice Chairman at Ogilvy, dives deep into how the magic of marketing happens. This is one of my favorites because the author provides plenty of real life examples from ad campaigns during his 30 years working at Ogilvy. This book is perfect for anyone interested in learning more about marketing and for marketing professionals looking to expand their creativity.” - Diana Sparacio, Digital Marketing Specialist at Wheels Up Collective


“This book was assigned reading for a leadership course I took a few years back. Since then, I find myself re-reading and referencing sections over and over again. Your Brain at Work helped me understand why I (and marketing audiences!) do and think a certain way and provide solutions to reframe thoughts, overcome distractions, and generally be more productive. I especially enjoyed the chapter on multitasking, and the science of how it affects your brain, and have since prioritized distraction free time blocks on my calendar. The book also goes in depth about how to effectively work better with others, and how to change the behavior of others — which I believe helps me be a better marketer.” - Elise Oras, Co-Founder at Wheels Up Collective


“With links galore, this daily send offers valuable marketing news, tools, and strategy. A quick skim helps me feel up-to-date on what’s happening in the world of marketing— plus, you can count on some fun with each open. One recent newsletter shared a recipe for a virgin grapefruit mojito, for instance, and every issue leads off with a thought-provoking question or trivia quiz.” - Madeleine Burry, Content Strategist at Wheels Up Collective


"I do a lot of writing and believe that keeping my creativity alive is essential. Improvisational theater principles help me stay open to fresh ideas, learning, and improving my mind all the time. That's why 'Truth in Comedy' is one of my favorite marketing books." - BQ, Editorial Team Member at Wheels Up Collective


“On a monthly basis, Dan Oshinsky — who worked previously for Buzzfeed and the New Yorker on newsletters — shares a link to an updated Google document covering newsletter strategy. Not a Newsletter gives practical advice (think: how long should my subject line be, anyway?) as well as digging into technical changes from email programs, interviewing experts, and offering resources and tips.” - Madeleine Burry, Content Strategist at Wheels Up Collective

Now that you have a list to choose from, pick your most intriguing entry and get reading. Whether you're looking for something bite sized to read over breakfast, or a book to devour over the weekend, there's sure to be gems inside it for you.

If you’re a business owner learning to tackle your marketing strategy on your own - we want to hear from you. Let’s chat about how we can help your brand soar.


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