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Hubspot Beginner’s Guide: How to Create a CTA

If you’ve ever clicked a “Sign up”, “Learn more”, “Request a demo”, or “Contact us” button, you’ve responded to a call to action with or without even realizing it. A “call to action”, also known as a CTA, is a usually-clickable word or phrase that is used to drive people to take a specific action. When used properly, a CTA can be very effective and can achieve great results for the business that implemented it. For instance, WordStream found that emails with a single, effective call-to-action increased clicks 371% and sales 1617%, presumably over emails that had more, but less effective CTAs. Whether in emails, on landing pages, or on your blogs and social media, including CTAs in your marketing content can guide a prospect, bringing them one step closer to becoming a converted customer.

Ready to get potential customers engaging more deeply with your content? The first step is to decide what action you want them to take. It’s important that the action be contextually relevant to the content you’re adding the CTA to; for example, at the end of a blog post that a reader might find thoughtful and engaging, you could invite them with a CTA to sign up for your newsletter to hear more. The wording is usually simple and direct - clearly outlining what the user should expect if they accept your invitation and click.

Have some ideas in mind? Great! Let’s get started adding some CTAs to your pages. If you’re a beginner in Hubspot, follow these steps to create and utilize a CTAs.

How to create a CTA

1. Log into your Hubspot account and go to Marketing > Lead Capture > CTA.

2. Select Create CTA.

3. A slide-in pane will appear, select Custom Button and you can begin to customize your CTA style:

  1. Button Content (1) - type the text that you’d like to appear in the button. I recommend keeping the text short and sweet like “Sign up” or “Learn more”. Avoid making your CTA too long - I’d keep the CTA to one line (or about 10 -15 characters).

  2. Button Style (2) - select the style of the button by using the dropdown menu. I recommend a simple style that’s sleek and easy to identify.

  3. Button Color (3) - select the button color from the color picker or enter a hex value in the field. Try picking a color that matches your brand.

  4. Advanced Options (4) - click advanced options to customize the CSS styling and the pixel padding. If this is your first time using Hubspot to create a button, I’d suggest avoiding this part for now unless you’re familiar with CSS.

Image of Simple CTA Hubspot Screenshot

(Figure 1 from Hubspot Knowledge base)

4. Once you’ve edited your custom button to your liking, click Next >.

5. Now, it’s time to configure your CTA options:

  1. CTA internal name: Enter a name for your CTA. This is for internal organizational purposes and only the users in Hubspot will be able to see this name. For clearer organization, decide on a naming convention that you will use for all buttons created. For instance, add the date you made the button and the text of the CTA like “Nov 2021 Sign Up”.

  2. URL Redirect type: There are multiple options for this but the most popular are:

    1. Select External website URL - this allows you to link to a page outside of Hubspot. All you’ll need is to do is enter the URL in the field.

    2. Select HubSpot page or blog post - with this you can link your CTA to your HubSpot page or blog post, select the page or post in the Choose a HubSpot page or blog post dropdown menu.

    3. Select File link to link your CTA to a file in your file manager. Click Browse files and choose a file, then select the Open page in the new window checkbox if you want visitors who click on the CTA to view the image in a new browser window.

6. After you’ve configured your CTA options, don’t forget to link a Hubspot Campaign. This is important because if you don’t associate CTA analytics with a campaign, it will be harder to track its success. To do so, click the dropdown menu and select a campaign.

7. Save your work.

8. Select Finish to save your CTA.

Another image of Simple CTA Hubspot Screenshot

(Figure 2 from Hubspot Knowledge base)

Now that you’ve got the information you need, go out and create some killer CTAs that will drive some clicks! To learn more about CTAs, checkout Hubspot’s website where they give more step-by-step instructions. If there’s anything we can do to lend a hand, don’t hesitate to reach out.


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