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Are You a SaaS Professional? 10 Things a Marketing Agency Can Do for You

Are you a software as a service (SaaS) professional who’s poured heart and soul into crafting an exceptional product? Do you thrive on a do-it-yourself ethos, believing that—when it comes to attracting customers— your work should speak for itself? 

If you find yourself nodding along, this blog is for you. 

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I get it. And I admire it. I honestly wish it worked that way. But there is nothing sadder than a product that’s well-designed, astutely executed, and legitimately better than its competitors going unnoticed because its makers undershot on the messaging. 

The truth is, in today’s saturated market, products don’t even get the chance to speak for themselves. Businesses have about 0.02 seconds to capture their would-be buyer’s attention before they’re off to the next thing. And capturing that attention is getting harder and harder to do. Hiring a marketing agency can be a cost-efficient, and low-commitment way to give your SaaS baby a better shot. 

Here are 10 specific ways a marketing agency can help. 

  1. We’ve got SaaS industry chops. We’ve surveyed the landscape, we’ve sized up your competition, and we’ve seen what it takes to succeed and to fail. That’s a whole lot of context you may not have had time to gather, and we’ll share it with you way faster than you could possibly find it all yourself. 

  2. We start with strategic planning. This sets a solid foundation for your entire marketing approach. It’s based on your unique goals, your product’s stand-out differentiators, your audience’s needs, and your logistical (and budgetary) constraints. In short, it’s a plan built for your needs, and no one else’s.

  3. We optimize your tech stack. Customer relationship management platform? We’ve got one. Search engine optimization tool suite? That too. All the best design tools, video editing products, email blast technology? Check, check, and check. Just think of all the subscription fees you’ll save using our tools instead of getting your own. And there’s no ramp time because we’re using these things every day!

  4. We’ll create and distribute your content for you. This might be our biggest contribution of all. Because, let’s face it, it takes a lot of high-quality, compelling messages, sent out across a lot of different channels, to connect your product with the people who need it most. And you don’t have time to sit around writing press releases, blogs, industry articles, social media captions, nurture emails, or landing pages. Let alone launching them, monitoring them, and iterating based on how well they do. But we do. And we do it well the first time.

  5. We get you leads. And leads get you sales. This is a natural consequence of the benefit listed above. Your product is wonderful! You know it, I know it. And those messages we crafted so particularly to show it means the right prospects will know it too. That’s how your sales pipeline gets full of good leads.

  6. We bring data to every stage of our planning. It might look like art with all the cool designs and neat writing, but marketing is also a science. One steeped heavily in numbers. Data analytics are a part of every good strategy, beginning, middle, and end. You’ll get a clear picture when you're setting priorities, assessing efficacy, adjusting for learnings. Not to mention, when you’re recapping your return on investment. It’s all right there in black and white.

  7. We give you time and resource efficiency. By taking work off your plate, by honing your direction for the best possible efficacy, by connecting you with your highest possible quality leads, we give you time back to focus on the work that really matters: your product, your sales pitches, and your customers.

  8. We’re adaptable when it comes to market trends. Our ability to spot change coming, adjust prioritization and strategy accordingly, and brief you on how to prepare your teams? It means you’re far less likely to get caught off guard. Dips in market performance? We’ll help you weather them. Big possible boon to sales? We’ll make sure you capitalize. Your head can stay in the weeds of your business, so long as you’ve got a good marketing agency keeping an eye on the rest.

  9. We come with a built-in chance to restructure. That’s the beauty of working with an agency, instead of an internal team. Need to spend less this quarter than last? We can do it. Need more designers than copywriters this half? Okay! Need to shift gears quickly to capture a whole different customer set? We’ll get our most experienced and relevant professionals right on that. Flexibility is built in so we can shift with your needs.

  10. We live for a collaborative partnership. The right marketing agency isn’t just a transactional service provider, they’re a functional extension of your team. After all, when you win, we win. And that makes us (almost) as invested as you are in getting your messaging, marketing, and sales funnel to come out just right. The goal is to make a strong relationship you can lean into, and an expertise and enthusiasm you can count on. 

We know your product can speak for itself. Our goal is really just to hand it the right microphone.

Looking for marketing assistance for your SaaS startup business? Request a free marketing assessment. We’d love a chance to weigh in.


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