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Making the Most of Video: A Guide to Creating Dozens of Assets From Just One

Anyone who knows me personally knows I am obsessed with efficiency. I love living small, I love investing my energy intentionally, and I love making the most of absolutely everything I put time and effort into. Perhaps it’s not coincidental that my obsessive pursuit of efficiency translates perfectly to content marketing (my career field of 18+ years). Right now, efficiency is of particular interest for me when it comes to recording video.

Image of person filming a video

Video is the hot new thing in marketing right now. And for good reason! Our attention spans are smaller than ever. Every social media platform has prioritized video for views. And in terms of a quick and easy way to tell a story, you can’t beat video for ease. I also feel like video is answering a deeper personal need - a desire to return to more human connections and authentic, effortless ways to discover and create alignment. We’re burnt out from endless scrolling, reading can often feel like more work, and our eyes are hungry for something good. Smart marketers are stepping up with video, and it’s paying off for those who invest.

One of the best ways to make an investment (big or small) in video go far is leveraging your single asset to make a dozen more. And honestly, it’s not that complicated to do. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

  1. You can use your longer-form video content to create a bunch of mini clips.

  2. Add captions and calls to action, and each of your mini clips can become a post on social media.

  3. Adapt a transcription of your video to post as an article or blog. (Of course, link that article or blog to your full-length video for views).

  4. Pair varying talking points from those articles with mini snippets of your video to create a deeper dive from that particular discussion element. (Bonus points - blogs and articles with embedded video get boosts from SEO).

  5. Separate the audio from your video, and upload it to applicable platforms as a podcast.

  6. Create a series of landing pages to host your video (or videos), each with content aimed at a different niche target audience or making a uniquely specific point. Draft ads for each landing page relevant to its specific content and watch the clicks roll in.

  7. Use your video as the basis for an email nurture series - in your emails, promote mini clips, your full-length video, and other topic-relevant resources to your existing subscribers.

  8. Use your video (or videos) to inspire content for email templates you can give your sales team. Let them wow prospects with mini clips, associated talking points, and links to the full thing.

  9. If the content supports it, take the story that was captured in your video and submit it to your local news, industry thought leaders, and online groups that might like to discuss it.

  10. Write about the experience of appearing on video - pressure, nerves, bloopers and all - share it on personal and professional social media for a more authentic way to draw folks in.

This list is really just the beginning. Are you looking for more ideas on how videos can be spun up to create and inspire different assets? Take a look at our video marketing webinar, now available on-demand, for more expert tips.

Want to chat more about your approach? Drop us a line. We’re always happy to help brainstorm.

Adding Video to Your Marketing Strategy


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