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How to Import a Contact List on Hubspot

If you’ve moved to a new customer relationship management (CRM) platform or are just learning how to use Hubspot, you already know - it can be challenging to get up to speed without help. As you prepare to create engaging email content such as newsletters and nurture campaigns, you’re going to need contacts for your database. That’s why I’m here to walk you through each step of the Hubspot contact list uploading process in this blog post. Let’s get started.

How to import a contact list on Hubspot

  1. Log into Hubspot, select Contacts

  2. Click Import > Start an import

  3. Since we’re importing contacts from an excel sheet, we will select File from computer instead of opt-out list.

  4. Click Next

Hubspot Screenshot #1

(Figure 1 from Hubspot Knowledge base)

5. Select One file and click Next

Hubspot Screenshot #2

(Figure 2 from Hubspot Knowledge base)

6. Select One object and click Next

Hubspot Screenshot #3

(Figure 3 from Hubspot Knowledge base)

7. Select the object you’d like to import, Contacts then click Next

Hubspot Screenshot #4

(Figure 4 from Hubspot Knowledge base)

8. Now it’s time to upload your files. Before you upload your list, make sure your file is ready to be imported and follows the formatting rules. File import requirements:

  1. Be a .csv, .xlsx, or .xls file

  2. Have only one sheet

  3. Contain fewer than 250,000 rows and 1,000 columns

  4. Be smaller than 150MB

9. Depending on the data you're importing, you will need to meet specific data requirements. In this case, we are importing contacts so we will need:

  1. First name or Last name (preferably both)

  2. Email

Hubspot Screenshot #5

(Figure 5 from Hubspot Knowledge base)

10. Once you’ve imported the list, HubSpot does its best to match the columns in your file to your selected object's Hubspot properties based on the original file’s header, header language, and the property name. That’s why it’s important you make sure your spreadsheet meets all requirements before you upload it to Hubspot.

11. Before you continue, check to see if any columns do not match the associated Hubspot property. To adjust existing properties, click the correctly corresponding category from the dropdown menu in the HubSpot Property column. Once all columns from your file are mapped to a Hubspot property (or you have selected Don't import column), click Next.

Hubspot screenshot #6

(Figure 6 from Hubspot Knowledge base)

12. To finish the import you will need to:

  1. Select the Create a list of contacts from this import checkbox to automatically create a list when the contacts are imported

  2. Select the checkbox to agree that contacts expect to hear from you and that your import file does not include a purchased list.

  3. Click Finish import in the bottom right.

Congratulations, you’ve just uploaded your first contact list in Hubspot! You’re on your way to becoming a Hubspot pro. If you’d like to learn more about Hubspot, check out our How to Create CTA in Hubspot article.


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