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3 Benefits of Being a Podcast Guest

Creating content that is valuable and relevant takes time and resources. But what if you don’t have either? We get it, as a startup or a smaller business, you'll need to get creative to produce content while saving on time and costs.

That’s where becoming a podcast guest comes into play. Starring on a podcast gives you the content you need to attract new customers all while saving time and money on resources used to produce it.

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Have you ever thought about starring on a podcast? Here are three benefits of becoming a guest.

1. Build your thought leadership

As we’ve discussed in our previous blog post (You’re a Subject Matter Expert: Here’s How to Show It), becoming a thought leader is important if you’d like to grow your business, expand your career path, and claim a reputation in the industry. By becoming a subject matter expert, you develop authority and will be deemed trustworthy in the eyes of current or potential clients, colleagues, and employers. One of the best ways to become known as a subject matter expert is through podcast appearances!

2. Expand your network

Becoming a podcast guest is also a great way to expand your network. You interact with new people and new audiences. By starring on a podcast, you can forge a bond with the podcast host and develop a long term relationship that can mutually benefit both parties for years to come. Plus, once it goes live, you’re likely to connect with others voices prominent in your field.

3. Generate even more content (that’s sharable)

There are so many ways you can recycle a podcast episode and turn it into more content. Sharing the podcast episode on social media is just the beginning. Other ideas include:

  1. Writing blog posts about your podcast episode

  2. Splitting up the audio clips to share on your website or social media

  3. Sharing the podcast in your newsletter

  4. Sending a dedicated email blast sharing your podcast episode

  5. Uploading the episode to Youtube

  6. Creating an ebook based on your podcast discussion

  7. Designing an infographic that summarizes your podcast episode

Content, content, content! There’s so much you can do with a podcast episode.

Ready to get started? It’s time to start searching for those podcasts. If you need help finding podcasts that fit your expertise and reach your target audience, don’t hesitate to ask. We’d love to lend a hand.


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