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 Reinventing a 20-Year Legacy 


Strategy, Content, Campaigns, MarTech

Docupace is a B2B SaaS company that has been helping the financial services industry eliminate paperwork for 20 years. Their cloud-based solutions digitize and automate the myriad compliance, regulatory, and everyday office work that plagues financial advisors and investors. Docupace had a big year in 2021 – they acquired multiple new technologies and hired a new 2-person marketing team as well as a CMO. With tremendous opportunity and a mile-long to-do list, the Docupace team engaged Wheels Up to come on as an extension of the lean team.

Getting the Wheels Turning

While the Docupace team is working hard to align all the new building blocks, they needed extra bandwidth, fast. Wheels Up’s retainered engagement allows for agile, on-demand support for big projects as well as everyday fires. From working under the hood with their Pardot marketing automation instance, to bringing content ideas to life, Wheels Up and Docupace have worked alongside with fast, regular collaboration. Weekly check in calls are supplemented by daily Slack messaging to keep the day-to-day on track, while monthly and quarterly strategy sessions give the team time to develop the marketing roadmap, editorial calendar, and campaign plan.


"Wheels Up has been able to provide a vendor experience that’s flexible yet consistent. There’s no revolving door of account managers, and we have on-demand support where we need it most, even when we get those surprise, urgent requests."

Ashley Treagan, Director of Marketing

Better Together

Docupace had many of the technology and partner pieces in place, setting the stage for Wheels Up to help make the most of them. They were making the investment in a few costly technology solutions, but hadn’t fully implemented them yet. With deep martech expertise, Wheels Up has been able to help the team use the right tech for the right job. They also had strong relationships with their existing content, PR, and SEO vendors, and Wheels Up been able to plug in and work collaboratively to position Docupace to hit their 2022 growth goals.


“Wheels Up has helped up strategize, prioritize, then execute. They have been a true extension of our team, clearing our plates so we can focus on the highest-value work that only we can do."

Ashley Treagan, Director of Marketing

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