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  Curing Cancer, Literally  


Messaging & Positioning, Website​

While most of us started learning about vaccine development recently thanks to COVID, the Cancer Vaccine Institute has been pioneering the prevention and treatment of cancer through the use of vaccines and immunotherapies for over twenty years. The CVI is one of only a handful of labs that tackles all three stages of cancer treatment under one roof: early discovery, translational research, and
clinical trial. This unique structure brings together a team of scientists, doctors, researchers, nurses, patients, and philanthropists – all focused on their mission of ending cancer.

Making it Personal

With a new Executive Director at the helm, it was a great time to reinvent the lab’s image. There was a tremendous amount of content to organize, three distinct site audiences to consider (patients, researchers, and donors), and an amazing track record of innovation and groundbreaking research to acknowledge. We used a messaging and positioning exercise to kick off the engagement and help these
humble heroes figure out what story they needed to tell (while tooting their own horn). Everyone at the CVI lab was excited to get involved, and a super collaborative effort yielded a new tagline that everyone loves: Igniting the immune system to end cancer.


"Wheels Up helped us tell our story in a way that connects with our researchers, patients, and donors⁠—all while celebrating the team and our research."

Kiran Dhillon, PhD, Executive Director

The Community is Taking Notice

Within a few months of launching their new site, the CVI started hearing from their community – scientists, biopharma collaborators, patients, and donors how much more useful they find the new website. Executive Director Kiran Dhillon believes the impact of the website has been substantial, saying, "The Wheels Up Team helped us tell our story in a way we never had before.”

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