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Trust Your Gut: Why Your Business Hunches Matter


What if we told you that you already have a secret decision-making weapon that you're probably not using nearly enough? Well you do! Watch our webinar on how to use your intuition to make smarter marketing decisions.

We're all drowning in a sea of data overload. We're going to go out on a limb here and say that we all could use better-trained gut reactions and instinct-based decision making in marketing to help make sense of all that data. 

We've joined forces with our very own Bridget Quigg, Seattle- based author, intuition coach, and Founder of "You're a Genius" Creativity Workshop Series, to adapt her intuition curriculum into actionable ways you can use your own gut to help your company grow.


In this webinar Bridget will talk about how to:

  • Determine which decisions need hard data and when to listen to a hunch

  • Pick up on the vibes your gut is sending you and how to complement the data with these cues

  • Use your intuition to get you pointed in the right direction, and then use your logical mind to make strong decision

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