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Get to Know the Wheels Up Core Team, Quiz-Show Style

Your reactions to our Barketing Team intros were too cute. And you held us to task, too! (We value that in our working relationships!) Several responses pointed out that you hadn’t yet met the humans on the core team at WUC. Whoops. Typical dog people. Always introducing pooches and sharing their names before it even occurs to us to share our own. Worry not, we aim to please.

The full breadth of our organization is made up of 20+ senior-level contributors, all super talented in their respective fields of copywriting, design, product marketing, videography, and more. Who you meet and which combination of professionals you work with will always be scoped specifically based on your project needs. But there are 5 dedicated members on the core team who will make up your day to day.

Step into the vibrant world of Wheels Up Collective, won’t you, as I introduce the members of that team with a dating-show style quiz for us each?

Image of Diana

Meet Diana Sparacio - Digital Marketing & Programs Manager

“Asana Diana” as she’s affectionately called is behind the scenes at WUC calling 99% of our organizational shots. You’ve got a project? She’s touched it. You need a template? She’s already linked it. Did someone miss a deadline? She’s letting them know. Without Diana, work at Wheel’s Up would probably screech to a halt.

Morning person or evening person? Shockingly, I've become a morning person.

Beverage of choice - AM: Officially? Water. Unofficially? Iced Oat Milk Latte.

Beverage of choice - Adult: I’ll take a frozen margaritas, please!

Favorite thing to binge on Netflix: Gilmore girls, Peaky Blinders, Modern Family (not on Netflix though). Quite the variety, huh?

Biggest past time: Long walks outside and spending time with family and friends.

Biggest pet peeve: People who insist on killing the vibes! Littering - UGH that really gets me. It's 2023 no one should be littering.

Your toxic trait is: Thinking about my next meal even if I just ate.

What breed of dog would you be and why: I thought for sure I’d be some kind of lab or retriever, but an online quiz suggests pomeranian?! Not sure what that says about me.

Marketing super power: Getting our clients on podcasts! Who’s ready for fame?!

Finish this sentence: I love a client who….shares our values and aligns with our mission.

Favorite inspirational quote: "In a world where you can be anything, be kind."

WUC tenant most embodied by you is: Be Kind (Make Work Fun Together).

Image of Cara

Meet Cara Matteoni - Digital Campaign Manager

“Professional plate spinner” is the banner I’d hang above Cara’s desk if we had them. Have you seen this woman whip together a campaign? She crafts ads that articulate value props with precision. She stretches a budget across more channels than there are on TV. Don’t even get me started on her prowess with the press. If it’s eyeballs you want, Cara’s got the campaign for you.

Morning person or evening person? Very much a morning person!

Beverage of choice - AM: Coffee with cream & stevia.

Beverage of choice - Adult: Always red wine.

Favorite thing to binge on Netflix: New Girl or Schitt’s Creek.

Biggest past time: Taking walks with my dog and my daughter Emory while listening to podcasts or bringing a blanket to a park and enjoying a snack picnic.

Biggest pet peeve: Small portion sizes at restaurants. I came all the way here! Please feed me.

Your toxic trait is: My habit of always turning the lights off when I leave a room, even if people are still there. Whoops, sorry!

What breed of dog would you be and why: Border Collie because I always like to be productive and I am told I am hardworking. Also, I like to have a close-knit circle of friends and family that I am very loyal to.

Marketing super power: Organization. I can manage complex marketing projects with swift changing needs all day long.

Finish this sentence: I love a client who….understands that we're all in this together. Kindness and humor help, too.

Favorite inspirational quote: “Own your best, let go of the rest.”

WUC tenant most embodied by you is: I stick to my promises so, Reliably Deliver (Set the Bar High and Drive Success Every Time).

Image of Karla

Meet Karla Margeson - Head of Content & Managing Editor

With a talent for precision-level process management AND an innately inspired level of creativity, Karla’s sometimes called our content queen. If you’re investing in content, you want Karla on the call. As you paint the picture of where your company is headed, she’s mentally assembling the puzzle of pieces that are sure to pave your way. With assets that interlock like Legos, Karla will have a library of content you love in no time.

Morning person or evening person: Morning and I mean to an extreme extent.

Beverage of choice - AM: Homemade coffee with oat milk in my same clay mug every day.

Beverage of choice - Adult: PBR me, please!

Favorite thing to binge on Netflix: Have you seen this show The Ultimatum?! The queer version?? I’m obsessed.

Biggest past time: Lounging in my backyard with my dogs, Moo and Hank.

Biggest pet peeve: Capitalization errors drive me bonkers (which is too bad because they are everywhere).

Your toxic trait is: I struggle to tolerate the presence of anyone else’s mess but being totally fine with my own.

What breed of dog would you be and why: I want to say something relaxed and fun like a Golden Retriever, but I’m actually really neurotic and love to work so probably a Border Collie.

Marketing super power: Wordsmithing existing copy - all day.

Finish this sentence: I love a client who…. says the word “lifecycle” the day we first meet. DROOL.

Favorite inspirational quote: “Am I doing this or not?” A simple question, but it gets me aligned with my ACTUAL intentions and into action every time.

WUC tenant most embodied by you is: I’m a big old nerd about intentionality and efficiency, so I’ll say: Make It Count (Spend Resources Wisely Our Clients as Well as Our Own).

Image of Elise

Meet Elise Oras - Marketing Strategist & Cofounder

Best known for conjuring creativity in every brainstorming session, Elise unleashes a flurry of brilliance and inspiration guaranteed to help your marketing campaigns break the mold. From events and social to press placements and interactives, with Elise’s expertise, the team creates client campaigns sure to leave an impression

Morning person or evening person: A little bit of both! I love how quiet it is at night. It’s my most creative time. But then the morning is great for being productive. I make the most of each thanks to a nap in the afternoon to refresh.

Beverage of choice - AM: Coffee with a splash of heavy cream AND a Topo Chico.

Beverage of choice - Adult: I love sipping on a smooth tequila with one rock! But mocktails are a favorite too. Really digging the Earl Grey Bitters And Soda in a can from Greenbar Distillery. If you haven’t tried it, you should!

Favorite thing to binge on Netflix: My comfort show is The Office (like every other millennial, right?)

Biggest past time: Travel. Be it short overnights or long hauls in our travel trailer, there's just something I love about stepping outside my everyday routine.

Biggest pet peeve: When people don't respect my time. It bothers me when plans are canceled at the last minute, when someone arrives significantly late without prior notice, or when people ask for favors without appropriate lead time.

Your toxic trait is: I know I can DIY anything. If I don't know how to do something, I can learn to do it, and do it well. As I get older, I realize this takes a lot of time, emotional energy, and sometimes it actually makes more sense to hire projects out to professionals. I’ve GOT to get more discerning!

What breed of dog would you be and why: I’m a lot like my Tibetan Terrier, Frankie. We’re both are intelligent problem solvers. We learn quickly and respond to positive reinforcement. We have an independent streak that can make us stubborn, which might be why we’re reserved with strangers. But we’re super affectionate with and loyal to friends.

Marketing super power: Understanding the big picture while comfortably diving into the details. I can play on multiple levels simultaneously and it makes for good outcomes.

Finish this sentence: I love a client who…. is collaborative. A collaborative marketing agency-client relationship is great because it fosters synergy and produces outstanding results.

Favorite inspirational quote: "How beautiful a day can be, when kindness touches it." - George Elliston

WUC tenant most embodied by you is: Both Live with Balance (A Full Life Brings Out the Best in All Of Us) and Be Authentic (Direct, Respectful, and Truthful Is Always the Right Approach).

Image of Amy

Meet Amy Winner - Cofounder

Our maestro of marketing and capable leader, Amy sets the tone for us all. Hers is the first arm of the agency extended in greeting (she’s on almost every discovery call). She dazzles would-be clients with an arsenal of fresh ideas, candid feedback, and can’t-be-beat expertise. With Amy at the helm, the team is set up to deliver top-notch content that captures attention, drives engagement, and turns prospects into loyal customer advocates. She ensures the whole project is set up to achieve.

Morning person or evening person: Definitely a night owl. My witching hour is 10 PM - 2 AM. But I can pull it together for morning meetings when I need to.

Beverage of choice - AM: If I’m raring to GSD (get $#&% done)? Black coffee. But I add a LOT of coconut milk if it's a morning I can slowly ease into.

Beverage of choice - Adult: Ranch water (seltzer, tequila, lime). Do I love it because I actually love it or just because I feel like a cowgirl when I drink it? We’ll never know.

Favorite thing to binge on Netflix? I’m not much of a TV watcher - see #7. Podcasts are a different story. My classic rotation: Hard Fork, The Daily, How I Built This, Smartless, Ologies.

Biggest past time: Anything at the horse farm.

Biggest pet peeve: 99% of social media (am I allowed to say that as a marketer?)

Your toxic trait is: I have no self control when it comes to streaming services - I can’t be trusted to have that much readily available tv. I would never get anything done.

What breed of dog would you be and why: Since I have two of them staring at me right now, I probably have to say I aspire to be a Jack Russell Terrorist. They are always up for an adventure. They’re cautious of who they befriend, but once they like you, they are fiercely loyal. They are cute and smart and keep everyone laughing.

Marketing super power: Hiring. I think I have a pretty good knack for reading people and knowing if they’d fit with the team.

Finish this sentence: I love a client who… pays their bills on time and renews contracts. (I know, I know…classic co-founder answer.)

Favorite inspirational quote: Better is better.

WUC tenant most embodied by you is: Be Authentic (Direct, Respectful, and Truthful Is Always the Right Approach).

Are mixed messages costing you customers? Take our quiz to find out.


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