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Intro to the Barketing Team

The team over here has been working hard on some of our own marketing materials lately - we’ve sort of been like the cobblers without shoes in that department. We spend so much time and energy creating assets that spread the word effectively about the value of our clients, we often forget to stop and spread some good words of our own. In this economic climate, it’s important! Gotta let anyone who might benefit from our services know that we’re here, you know? In any case, as we were reviewing our online materials, one thing became fundamentally clear: this team loves DOGS! And as we prepare to double down in the investment of our online representation, we paused ever so briefly to ask ourselves: do we want to continue to make that quite so abundantly clear? The answer, as you can guess, is a resounding yes. And, in fact, we’re amping UP on our canine-themed messaging; this month’s newsletter is dedicated to our beloved barketing team. Get ready for some doggone good content and enjoy the ride! SKIPPY

Image of Skippy

Age: 1.5 Breed: English Setter Title: Event Coordinator (a gregarious, go-go-go one at that) Bio: Skippy, Skip, Skipper, Skippy-Doo-Da-Day, Skippy Dippy is a dog of many names and simple pleasures - all of which include being in the water. A high-energy go-getter who can clear 6’ fences no big deal, Skippy brings enthusiasm, zeal, and a shocking amount of patience to the Wheels Up barketing team. The WUC Tenant Skippy Most Embodies: Be Kind - Make Work Fun Together


Image of Quinn

Age: 10

Breed: Shiba Inu

Title: Senior Snooze-al Media Strategist

Bio: Fun fact: she may not be an actual cat, but she embodies feline characteristics. With an inquisitive nature, Quinn often ponders, "Why are there so many animals in this house?" Her curiosity adds a unique perspective to our team dynamics. She combines the graceful aloofness of a cat with the loyalty and dedication of a dog. Quinn's distinctive blend of traits makes her an invaluable asset, bringing a fresh and insightful approach to our social media strategies.

The WUC Tenant Quinn Most Embodies: Make It Count - Spend Resources Wisely (Our Client's as Well as Our Own)


Image of Hank

Age: 1.5 Breed: Chocolate lab Title: Deputy Director of Inbound Food Bio: If Hank were a celebrity, he'd be Joey Tribbiani from Friends, always asking, "Did anyone bring food?" or "What time was dinner again?". He's always on the hunt for treats and his constant food-related inquiries never fail to entertain. Hank's appetite adds a lighthearted and enjoyable element to the Wheels Up barketing team. He reminds us to savor life's simple pleasures and appreciate the power of good food. The WUC Tenant Hank Most Embodies: Be Authentic - Direct, Respectful, and Truthful Is Always the Right Approach


Image of Frankie

Age: Somewhere between 6 and 8 Breed: Tibetan terrier + Shih Tzu + Poodle mix Title: Chief Work/Life Balance Officer Bio: Frankie is sassy, opinionated, and loves napping on his fancy dog beds. You’d never believe this bougie babe was discovered wandering the streets of Burlington, NC following Hurricane Michael. How he survived the streets for 2 months is beyond anyone’s wildest guess. Frank brings a grounded energy, a relaxed vibe, and a wise perspective on life priorities to the Wheels Up barketing team. The WUC Tenant Frank Most Embodies: Live with Balance - A Full Life Brings Out the Best in All of Us


Image of Hank

Age: Maybe 2? Breed: Standard issue Alabama red hound stray Title: Human Resources Trainer Bio: If you looked up “bad dog” in an outdated dictionary, you might find a picture of Hank. This self-help enthusiast is working hard to reform a life of over indulgence, inability to set boundaries, and toxic communication patterns. Having visited the school of hard knocks and come away with some key lessons, like don’t bite people and communicate ahead of time what you need, Hank now leads sessions in personal development. The WUC Tenant Hank Most Embodies: Be Authentic - Direct, Respectful, and Truthful Is Always the Right Approach


Image of Moo

Age: 3 Breed: Chihuahua, Pit Bull, Shepherd, Beagle mix Title: Senior Intentionality Manager Bio: If you ask his mom, Moo is a precious angel baby who can do no wrong; it’s a summary that’s close to the truth. While he has an infectious enthusiasm for group pursuits, Moo places an equal emphasis on engaging in his favorite activities alone. He isn’t afraid to walk away from excitement. He has a similar approach to dining - deciding to eat only his favorite foods and only as much as feels right at the time. Moo embodies an uncanny degree of discernment, which makes him easy as heck to respect. If Moo thinks something’s worth his time, it probably is. The WUC Tenant Moo Most Embodies: Make It Count - Spend Resources Wisely (Our Client's as Well as Our Own)


Image of sadie

Age: 3 Breed: Chocolate lab Title: Senior Director of Barketing Communications

Bio: If Sadie were a celebrity, she'd be Sherlock Holmes, always hiding and searching for her beloved toys. With a determined look, she demands, "Throw the damn ball for me right now!" And when a ball goes missing, Sadie interrogates her humans with a piercing gaze and a questioning bark, asking, "Did you take my ball!?" Sadie's ball obsession brings excitement and amusement to the Wheels Up barketing team. Her playful determination and natural curiosity make her an integral part of the team, providing entertainment and motivation. The WUC Tenant Sadie Most Embodies: Reliably Deliver - Set the Bar High and Drive Success Every Time


Image of Jake

Age: 2 Breed: Jack Russell Terrier Title: Velcro Officer, Emphasis on Morale Bio: Ted Lasso fans will feel familiar with Jake in an instant when we say he’s the Danny Rojas of the barketing team. “ChuckIt is LIFE!” is what Jake would scream. Full brother to the yet-to-be-mentioned Libby, Jake is always in a good mood, has a never-ending supply of energy, and loves to “dribble” balls with his nose. He’s critical to the team’s sense of wellbeing, contributes enormously to morale, and can always be counted on in a pinch. The WUC Tenant Jake Most Embodies: Strive for Better - Support Each Other, Help Our Clients, Improve Our Process LIBBY

Image of Libby

Age: 3 Breed: Jack Russell Terrier Title: Chief Barketing Officer Bio: If Libby were a celebrity, she’d be Hermione Granger from Harry Potter because she’s super smart and a strict rule follower, but somehow it’s not annoying, it’s endearing. Libby is super competitive and has won medals in obedience, rally, scent work, and barn hunt, but somehow she still refuses to come 97% of the time that she’s called. Libby is a natural leader on the Wheels Up barketing team, providing a clear sense of direction, an appropriate amount of pressure, and all the encouragement anyone on the team might need. The WUC Tenant Libby Most Embodies: Reliably Deliver - Set the Bar High and Drive Success Every Time

Much like the collection of humans that make up Wheels Up Collective, this barketing organization is chock-full of talent, tenacity, and a balance of skill sets and aptitudes that makes the whole operation just hum. Have you got a marketing project this ragtag team of canines could add value to? Drop us a line. And know that all of the furry team members are available on your introductory call.


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