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Pros and Cons of AI in Content Marketing

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming more human-like by the minute (see: hello, ChatGPT); it's starting to seem like there is nothing that can’t be automated by a machine. AI can generate social media posts, email content, personalized messaging, and more.

As AI evolves, are humans becoming worthless when it comes to content marketing? Let's take a look at the pros and cons of AI.


  • Cost-effective: Content is created significantly quicker by AI than by human writers.

  • Useful for writer's block: AI tools can spark ideas for content development.

  • Improved SEO: AI can algorithmically add keywords and use SEO strategies to help content rank better on Google.


  • Lack of creativity: Human writers bring nuance, art, and strategy to messaging that AI simply can't.

  • No context: Human writers are essential for deciding between copy options and keeping content within the bounds of a company's goals, voice, and approved messaging.

  • Devalued by algorithms: Content poorly created by AI is 'spam' and overuse of AI is against Google's guidelines; content written by humans is prioritized in search.

The question of whether AI will replace human workers assumes that AI and humans have the same capabilities. When you take a closer look at the pros and cons of AI, it's pretty clear that isn’t true. AI-based programs may be faster and (in some ways) more accurate, but they lack the sensitivities and intuitiveness that humans possess.

But really, who’s counting? This isn’t a competition. In truth, the future is likely to be one in which AI and humans will level up content marketing together. AI may take a leading role in creating first drafts, generating outlines, gathering source material, or even algorithmically improving SEO on a human-written piece. For now (and likely for the foreseeable and even distant future), humans maintain a leading role in content marketing.

Want to see how you can improve your content marketing strategy - with or without the help of bots? Drop us a line. We’re always happy to chat.


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