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6 Tips for Creating a Winning LinkedIn Content Strategy

You know what they say: networking is key to business success. What better platform is there for networking than Linkedin? In fact, with over 850 million users worldwide and 65 million business decision makers, LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network.* But here’s the catch, it’s not enough to just have a LinkedIn account, you need to actively participate to make the most out of it.

LinkedIn Content Strategy

Here are some tips to help you effectively market your B2B business on LinkedIn.

  1. Planning goes a long way Before you post, take some time to decide who your target audience is, how you want to be perceived by them, what you want to offer them, what actions you would like to drive, and the metrics you’ll need to measure to determine if your efforts are working. This can help increase the relevance and effectiveness of your posts, which can lead to better engagement and conversions.

  2. Write original content LinkedIn prefers original content, but creating it doesn’t have to be hard. Take a look at your existing content and simply edit the copy to make it unique and well-suited for the platform. Original and LinkedIn-adapted content allows you to establish your brand's voice and personality on the platform which can help differentiate your business from competitors and make your brand more memorable to the potential customers scrolling there. And, since LinkedIn prioritizes original content in their algorithm, your content is likely to attract a larger audience organically. This helps increase visibility for your brand and drive more traffic to your website.

  3. Stay consistent Although it might be tempting to throw in the towel after a few weeks of effort without any results, it’s crucial you stick to it. Keeping a regular schedule and posting often enough to remain top of mind will help you build a following and maintain your brand front and center in the eyes of potential customers. Most importantly, consistently posting helpful and relevant content builds trust. When your followers see that you are regularly present and providing valuable information, they are more likely to trust your expertise, perceive you as reliable, and consider working with your business.

  4. Don’t be afraid to experiment Have you tried all of the features on LinkedIn? Probably not! The platform offers a wide range of features to help you connect with your audience and promote your business. From newsletters and quick status updates to written posts and shared links, there are lots of ways to engage with your followers in a meaningful way. Chances are, a winning strategy will include a combination of deep content created just for LinkedIn, clever repurposing of content you created for other locations, links to content your followers will like (including your own pillar assets and derivative content pieces), plus fast statuses followers can relate to.

  5. Tag, Tag, Tag Tag relevant people in your LinkedIn posts. One impactful strategy is tagging partners. When you tag a partner in a post, they are likely to engage with and even share the post which increases the visibility of the post to their followers. This can help increase the reach of the post and expose your company to a wider audience. You’re also showing them that you value their partnership and are actively promoting their business. This can also help build stronger relationships with your partners and encourage them to continue working with you in the future. Tagging thought leaders in the industry is another way to go. By tagging them, you invite their opinion, encourage their engagement, and increase the possibility that their followers will see your original post too.

  6. Hashtags Use 1 - 2 relevant hashtags per LinkedIn post. Hashtags can help increase the visibility for your posts by making them more discoverable to users searching for specific topics on LinkedIn. This can help increase the reach of your posts and expose your business to a wider audience. Not only can you use hashtags but you can follow them. By following hashtags relevant to your B2B business, you stay updated on the latest trends and developments in your industry. This way, you gain valuable insights into your target market and understand what topics are resonating with your audience.

LinkedIn is a powerful tool that B2B marketers should be utilizing. By following these tips, you can effectively connect with professionals, promote your business, and create a winning LinkedIn content strategy.

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If you need help with your content marketing strategy or defining your approach to LinkedIn, we’d be happy to help.


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