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The Patient Story is an online community that helps cancer patients, caregivers, and survivors share their personal experiences. Grappling with her own diagnosis, founder Stephanie Chuang found herself drowning in medical jargon when all she really wanted was the authentic, personal experience story of what to expect.

After her recovery, Chuang left broadcast media and set out to help others find teh answers she couldn't. She leveraged her background as a storyteller and on-air news journalist to compile hundreds of hours of highly polished video testimonials and interviews from people who have been through a cancer diagnosis. But the project needed better awareness to attract sponsors and partners. Wheels Up build a custom package to quickly give the brand the credibility, exposure, and eyeballs needed to grow.

A Recognizable Voice

“Cancer” is a crowded space online. Stephanie had laid an amazing foundation for the community by doing the hard work of creating all this amazing content. But The Patient Story was using a generic logo and lacked a cohesive, recognizable brand identity, so her content was difficult to differentiate. Through a branding exercise, Wheels Up crafted a new visual identity, complete with logo, color palette, fonts, and photo treatment. The new visuals were rolled out through social and select webpages.

Air Cover to Focus on the Big Picture

The list of projects in this engagement were all geared towards taking “marketing” off Stephanie’s to-do list for a few months. With hours of evergreen content already created, we were able to build and schedule organic and paid social posts and email newsletters, launch a welcome nurture campaign for new community members, and round out the engagement with a round of PR pitching. With all these awareness efforts on auto-pilot, Stephanie had 4 months of breathing room so she could focus on securing financial support. And when her team is ready to pick marketing back up, everything was templatized with easy-to-use tools so anyone can pick up where Wheels Up left off.


As a fairly new entrepreneur, figuring out how to take our platform to the next level was difficult to do on my own. The  Wheels Up Collective team is phenomenal. They are not only sharpshooters at what they do, but they demonstrate a level of true support that boosted me and my company in ways I hadn't imagined possible.

Stephanie Chuang, Founder, The Patient Story


"If you're looking for a difference maker, you've found one in Wheels Up Collective."

Stephanie Chuang, Founder, The Patient Story

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