Storytelling is arguably the most important part of your website. You need to draw visitors in and make them want to be part of your world. Content is the way you tell your story through words, images, and design. 

 Ease of use: Design 

How hard is it to get the website designed and looking great?
 Verdict: Wix 

Wix: 1


Drag and drop WYSIWYG interface; install external fonts; animated/video backgrounds; drag and resize images anywhere on the site, anywhere. Wix even have an "undo" button and save site versions, so it's easy to go back if you make mistakes. Wix does not let you edit the CSS or HTML on your site, though you can embed HTML markup in site (but can't edit the actual HTML). Wix is also the only platform to make it easy to add light animations to your site.

SquareSpace: 3

SquareSpace's templates are designed in grids with different size spacers to adjust placement instead of drag-and-drop. This makes it more difficult to drastically change the appearance of the theme (which should be helpful for the less design-savvy) but makes it difficult to resize images or add text. There's a steeper learning curve than with Wix or Weebly. SquareSpace has a CSS Editor and "code injection" features, but you're still largely leveraging the native interface, not editing the actual code.

Weebly: 2

Drag and drop WYSIWYG interface, but elements are contained in a grid dictated by the template, making edits less flexible but done to maintain template design integrity. The interface is the simplest of the four. Weebly does allow you to edit the CSS and HTML of the site, so if you have specific design constraints, pretty much anything is possible with the right technical help.

WordPress: 5


There's a moderate learning curve to understanding the WordPress interface, and the interface varies from theme to theme, depending on where it came from. Some theme backends make it easy to adjust styles, colors, fonts, etc, while others have to be written into the stylesheet. The WordPress interface allows you to easily access and edit the site's code, and depending on the template that you're using, manual code entry may be your only option. Most theme marketplaces have robust demo sites for each theme, and it's worth spending some time looking at the backend to see how difficult it's going to be to make the changes you want to.

 Ease of use: 

 Content editing 

Once your site is built, how hard is it to edit the content components?
 Verdict: Weebly  

Wix: 2

Click on what you want to change to open the options window (font, size, crop, photo filters, etc), then make the changes. It's almost as familiar as Word or Instagram. However, the blogging functionality on Wix isn't as robust as on some of the other options. While not everyone wants a "blog" it's a good format that can be used for any frequently updating content - news, media coverage, product updates, etc.

SquareSpace: 3

Editing is as easy as highlighting and making the change, as long as it fits within the space constraints. (see above design comments). Once your copy or images need to be a different size than originally formatted, it becomes difficult to change.

Weebly: 1


Content and photo editing is very similar to Wix's, with a slightly simpler interface making it just a little bit easier. The blogging capabilities are more robust, giving Weebly a slight edge over the others for content editing.

WordPress: 2-5

Depending on your theme and page templates. The majority of WordPress themes have a visual editor (similar to Word, where you can highlight text to change attributes like font, bold, size, etc), and also an HTML editor where you can hard code in your content as well. If you plan to update content regularly on your WordPress site, it's worth taking the time in the design phase to really make sure you understand exactly what kind of content will be updated regularly, what it will look like, and who will be updating it. Then work with a designer to make sure you have the custom page templates to support that.


Design templates that let you pick the look of your site.
 Verdict: they all have great options. 



Over 500 free through Wix, or purchase a premium theme through private designers.


Over 100 free through SquareSpace, or purchase a premium theme through private designers.


Over 40 free through Weebly, or purchase a premium theme through private designers



Thousands of free and premium themes through the WordPress organization or private designers. All websites are vulnerable to security risks. Because many WordPress sites leverage external templates and plugins, it's extremely important to make sure that you stay current with updates.


About 50% of all internet traffic is on a mobile device. Making sure that your site looks fantastic on mobile is absolutely critical.
 Verdict: Wix or SquareSpace  



Easily toggle between desktop and mobile previews and edit each independently.


Easily toggle between desktop, mobile, and tablet views and edit independently.



You're not able to independently edit the mobile site - all templates are automatically responsive. This works for many themes, but others do not render correctly in a mobile format and the only way to fix it is to edit the desktop site - not ideal.



Most themes are mobile responsive, but performance and editing capabilities will vary from theme to theme.

 Free stock art 

Photos are frequently one of the hardest to source and most expensive components of a site. If you don't have a library of custom photography and graphics, stock art might be important for you.
 Verdict: Wix or SquareSpace 



"1000's" of free stock art discoverable within the website builder's media manager. Integration with Shutterstock making it easy to discover and purchase stock art right in the design widget.


Integration with Upsplash and Getty Images provides free and premium stock art that's easily discoverable within the website builder's media manager.


None included, but plenty on the interwebs for you to find on your own. Just be sure to check copyright restrictions!



None included, but plenty on the interwebs for you to find on your own. Just be sure to check copyright restrictions!

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