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Wheels Up Collective’s Summer Break

Supporting work/life balance is a tenet and core value that both Amy and I take very seriously, both for ourselves and for our team. We come from a background of burnout - where not sleeping was somehow a badge of honor, and taking a break felt like a career risk. We founded Wheels Up Collective knowing the burnout life was not sustainable. Instead, we had the vision to start a company where our teammates could do their best work and live their best life.

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Time off to rest shouldn’t feel like a luxury - it’s essentially for our well being. Burnout is very real, and very dangerous. For example, people who experience burnout have a higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes, and a 25-35% higher risk of dying before the age of 45. Even the World Health Organization officially recognized burnout in the International Classification of Diseases. Shocking, right?

That’s why this year we’ve implemented a new perk: a company-wide summer break. During the week of Independence Day - July 3 through July 7, 2023 - we will close the offices and give our team a week to recharge, reset, recover, and relax. Our offices will be closed completely on July 4 for the holiday. July 3-7, we’ll operate with a reduced team, and will only be available to handle urgent issues.

By closing the office, we feel our team will be able to truly unplug, unwind, and not have the “dreaded inbox” anxiety upon returning. We want our team to feel truly liberated, knowing there are no meetings missed, no emails that need to be answered, and no incoming Slack messages. Just true time away from work.

We appreciate your support and understanding as we give our team time and space to re-energize. We look forward to seeing you on July 10 when we’ll be back to work and ready to give our best to our clients.

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