Marketing for Tech Startups 

Marketing is usually one of the last functional areas to be resourced in tech startups. And it makes sense—you started this company to build cool tech, not to send emails and write white papers. 


The longer you wait to incorporate customer-centric insights into the business, the harder it is to make up for lost time when you finally do. It's easy for the dev team to build what they want, and sales team to sell what they can, and before long the roadmap doesn't reflect the market.


Wheels Up Collective can help you really understand who your customers are, what they need, and why they love you. And then we can help you align those findings to the entire process—from dev to marketing to sales to support.


Since every one of us at Wheels Up has lived and breathed early-stage startup life and the short runways that are a daily reality, we understand how important it is that every marketing dollar is impactful, trackable, and agile. We've created scalable monthly packages so you know exactly how much you're spending on marketing, and can ramp up or down depending on revenue or funding.

We measure everything obsessively. Because if it's not working, we don't want to do it either.

 How We Do It 

  • Bring customer insights  to the table earlier in the process for more productive product roadmaps and faster sales cycles

  • Crystalize messaging so prospects, partners, investors, and the media understand your value

  • Build a demand gen engine that fuels a healthy, reliable sales funnel

  • Right-sized package options to help you grow, with no surprise bills

Let's work together.

No matter what stage your startup, strategic marketing can help. Let's talk about where your biggest opportunities are.